Who we are

The  BizAccelL Solutions Sdn. Bhd  is a subsidiary of PTT (MSC) – a regional training and consultancy organization. We work with our clients (individuals or institutions) to address their business problems. Our team members are highly qualified and highly experienced professionals in the domains of strategic management, HRM, project management, development management and information technology. We offer variety of high quality professional development training courses/workshops and consultancy services. Our services are meant to:

§  assist individual professionals to excel in their professional areas through enhancing their competencies

§  assist organizations to improve, optimize and sustain their performances through diagnosis, productivity boosting programs, employee development programs…


Our Vision

To become a leading business and HR solution provider in Malaysia and the region


Our Mission


Facilitate the client companies to enhance their productivity, profitability and sustainability through value driven HR and business solutions


Our Values


Simplicity: simplicity at its best; simplify the processes, resolve issues and streamline business handling


Objectivity: measurability; fact based identification of problems and measurable outcomes


Integrity: ensure financial and professional honesty and probity


Creativity: look at every small or big issue with a new lense and approach to find out a progressive out of the box solution to help the client’s business grow


Value driven: highly result orientation; focus on the results for our clients/partners


Synergy: always look for integrative approach to problem solving – using win-win approach


Learning: always in search of learning for delivering better services and value to our customers:

Innovation: high commitment for innovations in our products, services and approach iof their delivery so as to add value to the competitive advantage of our client organizations

Happiness: always look for happiness and satisfaction for clients/partners and for/by staff members

Main Objectives

l  Create/design and implement tailor made HR and other business development systems as per client companies’ business requirements.

l  Provide recruitment services by identifying suitable human resources to the corporate companies particularly SMEs.

l  Provide performance diagnostic services to the companies.  

l  Facilitate client companies in designing, implementing and evaluating organization development interventions.

l  Design and deliver customized training courses in the areas of professional development.

l  Design and conduct employee satisfaction surveys.

l  Conduct strategic alignment tests of capacity development programs.

l  Collaborate with universities and undertake mentoring and coaching of the young professionals on career and business planning

l  Design and conduct workshops for the university students to conduct feasibility studies and develop business plans.

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